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AUGUST  2010

After months of pre-production and four action-packed weeks of shooting, Squid Man officially wrapped principal photography on June 17 in Pittsburgh.

The feature-length film is now in active post-production, looking towards a premiere in 2011.

Congratulations to writer/director Charlie Cline and the amazing cast and crew of Squid Man.

In addition to our amazing cast and crew, we also got a huge assist from several local folks and businesses in Pittsburgh and in Braxton County, WV, who made the production possible.

An extra special thanks to:  Emmett Frisbee and Christine Smith, Christopher Smalley and Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Beth Fabian, George J. Merrick and Justin Armstrong from Isabela on Grandview, Courtney Adler from the Pittsburgh Ballet, Melanie Evankovich-Dietz from The Gypsy Cafe, Acacia Svonavec from Canonsburg General Hospital,  Krissy Presulti and her team from The Docks,  Katie Werner, Dragan Lazic, John and Debbie Facemire, Elk River Foodland, Kevin Carpenter from Greenland Bar and The Elk Hotel, Danny and Louise Cline, Connie and Clyde Ellis, Berkley Rogers, Lisa Yackovich, Alan Asbury, Lightspeed Grip & Lighting, and the cities of Pittsburgh, Sutton and Gassaway.
We also have to give a huge thanks to everyone who entered our “You Stole My Bicycle” Eternal Fame & Glory promotion.  Thanks to you, we achieved our pre-shoot fundraising goal!

Thanks also to everyone who has contributed so far, including our newest Founding Executive Producers:  Mary Atwell, Diego Baz, Eric Chevlen, and Dave Petti. (See the Who We Are page for a full list of our Founding Executive Producers.)

And we also want to thank our other generous donors:  Lior Ben-Aharon, Matthew Fluharty, Nancy Ruiz, Aris Tagle, Geoffrey Taylor, Jennifer Toole, and Patrick Williams.  They will all receive a “Thank You” credit in the movie.

Though the shoot is done, it’s not too late to become a part of movie history.  We still have work to do completing final post-production on the film and we need your help.  That’s why we are kicking off a new post-production fundraising goal.

To help meet this goal, we’re officially announcing the brand-spanking new “Sidekick for a Day Sweepstakes.”

PLUS we still have a few more spots available for Founding Executive Producers.  For a one-time, tax-deductible pledge of just $115 or more, you can join the elite ranks of Storynaut Founding Executive Producers and receive movie insider perks for life, including invites to screenings and cast and crew events, as well as a “Founding Executive Producer” credit in ALL Storynaut productions forever.

Donate online now or make a donation pledge today.

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Check out our gallery of behind-the-scenes (and in front-of-the-scenes) production pics.  You’ll feel like you were there.